Shame-free and full of pleasure 

A group coaching circle for women who want to let go their shame and rediscover their desire and pleasure.

This coaching-circle is a safe space for a small group of up to 6 women, who want to finally have a closer look at their sexuality, their desires and their own pleasure and leave shame and blockages behind them.

What does coaching circle mean?

The circles start with a short meditation to come back into our bodies and out of our heads.

And then every participant has the chance to share their own personal story around sexuality, femininity, relationships, communication, lust, pleasure, joy, desire, love and surrender and gets coaching from me on her topic.

Which means that I will feel into her, put all my attention on her and ask curious questions or offer reflections on what she shared.

Often times we can't see our own patterns because they are so automatic. Having someone else look from the outside can work wonders. Especially around our sexuality where so many of our patterns and beliefs never get questioned because they are hidden and shamed and hold us back from living a pleasurable, turned on life.

No one has to share in the circle. But everyone who wants to can!

Sharing in a group can feel nerve wracking at times - and yet when we hear others talk we often find ourselves thinking "Oh! me too!" and feel a sense of relief, suddenly knowing we're not the only ones! I invite and encourage everyone to share and share bravely about things that are hidden under a layer of shame.

As Brene Brown said: If you put shame in a Petri dish, it needs three things to grow exponentially: secrecy, silence and judgment. If you put the same amount of shame in a Petri dish and douse it with empathy, it can’t survive."

So allowing ourselves to be seen and being met with empathy can cure us of the shame that has held us back. I experienced this over and over again in my women's circles and workshop but also in my personal development.

I personally loooove coaching-circles. They had me realize how much wisdom each single one of us holds and that sometimes it just needs one question for us to realize our own brilliance again.

If you feel the desire to be part of this group, write me ( and we can jump on a free discovery call to find out if the circle is the right fit for you!

Who is this circle for?

Women who

  • feel low on energy and burned out
  • lack pleasure and desire in their lifes and wish they had more of it
  • have the feeling that there's more to sexuality than what was available so far
  • fear being too much, if they say what they truly want - especially in the bedroom
  • find the sex they are having "OK"... but not "WOW" and wish for more WOW-Sex in their lifes
  • are finally ready to discover their true, bold, sexy, sensual self and create a life full of pleasure

I am excited for the 6 wonderful, wild, courageous, wise women who join me on this journey!

If this all sounds like you, reach out and lets talk!

What are the logistics?

  • weekly call on Friday night via zoom (1.5 hours)
  • limited to 6 women per call
  • membership for 4 week available for 120€  (Special student discounts are available: 70€ for 4 calls)
  • you can start any time as long as there is space in the circle 
  • the content of the circle is whatever the women bring to our calls.

Looking forward to meeting you!!

Who's the coach?

My name is Kathi, I am a mentor for conscious relationship and sexuality in Munich, where I live with my husband and my dog. My main focus in coaching is desire, pleasure and sexuality, I help women build a better relationship with their bodies and get connected to their deeper desires and needs and I support them to make pleasure a priority in their lives.

For me that means first and foremost to be able to be with life as it is - and not as it SHOULD be according to our own expectations and experience it consciously. It means letting go of resistances and control, discovering and transforming limiting beliefs - especially in those areas of life that are covered in shame: sexuality, female pleasure, femininity intimate relationships and desire.

I am also a certified Master OM Life Coach (TM) and teach a wellness practice called Orgasmic Meditation (TM)* (or OM for short) that combines the power of mindfulness with the deeply felt sense of human connection and sexuality - a practice that turned my own life upside down since I started practicing it in 2014.

*Orgasmic Meditation is not part of the coaching circle and won't be taught there. If you are curious and wanna know more or find out how to learn it, just send me a message!